Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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Acoustic screens

One of the assumptions of Insulation Platform’s activity is its long experience in the acoustic screens market. We are the exclusive distributor of PANACOR system metal acoustic screens in Poland and in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. We assemble (assemble) the panels in our factory in Poland and then deliver them to customers. It is also possible to deliver unassembled panels to those customers who can prefabricate them themselves in a simple way – such a solution is particularly reasonable when the destination is distant and the transportation of unassembled panels (metal sheets, sides and wool separately) gives great savings on transportation.

PANACOR acoustic screens are an innovative, patented solution for reducing road, rail and industrial noise, designed to optimally meet the highest acoustic, durability and aesthetic requirements while maintaining the most competitive price on the market. It is a product that has been tested in notficated laboratories thanks to which it bears the CE mark.

PANACOR acoustic screens are not one template model of acoustic cassette – they are several models, differing in the structure of the cassette itself, the material from which they are made, the type of anti-corrosion protection surface, so you can choose the optimal product for the requirements of a given project.

Panel AL 4G

is a single-sided absorbing panel composed of two profilled aluminum sheets of 1.00 or 1.20mm thickness, front perforated and rear solid, filled with mineral wool of 50mm thickness and 100kg/m3 density.

The panels are powder-coated with Qualicoat or Coilcoating technology. It also comes in a reflective or absorptive option on both sides. Compatible with HEB/HEA mullion design from 120 to 220 (standard 140/160).

Panel AC 100 (AL. 100)

is a single-sided absorbing panel composed of a rear profiled solid sheet and a flat perforated front sheet. It is filled with a mineral wool panel with a density of 70 kg/m3 and a thickness of 70mm.

The AC 100 (AL 100) panel can be made of galvanized steel or aluminum sheet and then powder-coated. It is also possible to make it from weathering steel.

Panel Panacor ACX160/ALX160

is a product designed to reduce traffic noise.

The panel was designed taking into account the specifics of traffic noise, resulting in the achieved optimal acoustic performance of the panel. The support structure of the screen consists of HEA/HEB type metal profiles and a welded base plate. The quality of all components is S275JR.

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